From times immemorial, India has been a country not only rich in its natural resources but also in learning and spreading the ancient, but precious knowledge like Ayurveda, Yoga, and many more to the world. Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad-Gita says, “there is nothing as Sacred as knowledge”.By keeping this as a priority, Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Shala offers a thoroughly student centered, authentic approach to Ashtanga Yoga. A team of specialists accomplished in their field will lead you; regardless of your age, disability or level of expertise, you will be gently encouraged in a supportive environment to strengthen your practice. Delivering asana discipline to the highest standards, we aim to support students to succeed. Taking a holistic approach all eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga can be comprehensively studied here with us. Guru Ramesh Shettystates, “Only a successful student can become a successful teacher. Every student is an uncut diamond; here we do the work of cutting to ensure the student to become a well-cut diamond”.

Featured Courses

200 Hrs Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga TTC

300 Hrs Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga TTC

500 Hrs Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga TTC

Highlights of our one month intensive and residential TTC!

  • Asana Practice session will lead towards deeper understanding of physical, mental and spiritual State.
  • Asana practice will be of two different style, Lead practice and Mysore style practice.
  • Asana alignment session will assist student to be perfect in every asana.
  • Pranayama session will direct students to learn the importance of deep breathing.
  • Patanjali Yoga Sutra session will showcase the importance of Yoga and Yogi’s life style.
  • Yoga Theory session class will lead students to learn Important topics of Yoga, Like
  • Study human anatomy and physiology in simple and interesting mode.
  • Course manual/study material and asana chart will be provided for every student.
  • Day trip for temple and historic place in and around Mysore.
  • Hygiene and vegetarian food will be served during the course.
  • Accommodation will be clean with good bed and pillow.
  • Equal attention and importance will be given for all students.

Our Special Team

We are provide various services to the nature of the clients.
Wish how you would like to spend the time here we can talk and come to a conclusion.

Ramesh was born in 1964 raised and educated in Mysore; he holds a Bachelor of Arts together with a diploma in Yoga & Nature cure from Karnataka University.

Sheethal was born in 1995 raised and educated in Mysore. She started her Yoga journey in the teen age under Guru Sri Ramesh Shetty.From past few years

Nishkal was born in 1997 raised and educated in Mysore. He started his Yoga journey in the teen age under his father as well as Guru Sri Ramesh Shetty.

Some words from our students


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